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Hello everyone I’m your host Zain Waheed hope so you all are doing well today,I have with another post which is about Microsoft edge tricks and tip. Lets start it. PakEarn007

1- Enable sleep cards

The first Microsoft Edge tip you should know about is sleep tabs. Microsoft Edge recently got a tab rest feature that automatically puts inactive tabs to sleep to minimize resource traffic. To use sleep tabs in Microsoft Edge, go to Settings, switch to the “System” tab from the left sidebar, and switch to Save checkout with sleep option. You can read our linked step-by-step guide to learn how to use this point effectively. PakEarn007

2. Configure tracking prevention:

Microsoft Edge comes with important anti-shadowing features. It allows Edge cyber surfers to limit dangerous trackers, minimize personalization of notifications and more. To use this point, go to Settings and go to the “sequestration, hunting and services” tab and set Tracking Prevention to Strict. PakEarn007

You can add site-specific exceptions later if a site you visit regularly stops working after using strict shadowing prevention. This is one of the most useful Edge tips and tricks you need to boost your sequestration online. PakEarn007

3. Try Vertical Tabs in Edge

As the name suggests, the perpendicular bookmark point moves bookmarks from the usual top position to the left side of the cyber surfer. Use the vertical bookmarks button to toggle between vertical and horizontal bookmark layouts in Edge. In unborn Edge builds, it will also be convenient to resize the vertical tab bar by clicking and dragging the sidebar. PakEarn007

4. Enable Boost at startup:

The Startup Boost point in Microsoft Edge keeps the cyber surfer running in the background with minimal processes. As a result, the cyber surfer opens quickly when you launch it. You can enable the point from Settings-> System-> Initial Status Boost. This Edge tip will be especially useful for drug enthusiasts with old and low end machines. However, you should check out our in-depth companion to speed up your Windows 10 PC if that’s the case. PakEarn007

5. Use Collections:

set interesting commodities on the site that you might want to check out later.You can right-click on the runner to add it to a new collection. You also have the option to save all open cards in your collection. Also, thanks to the recent integration of Pinterest, you can seamlessly find similar content online. I believe this is a valuable tip and trick for creative drug enthusiasts who have switched to Microsoft Edge. PakEarn007

6. Enable Kids Mode in Edge:

Kids Mode is Edge’s own experience designed for kids, and you can choose from two age ranges during setup, including 5-8 or 9 years. You get custom-made themes for cyber surfers that are more charming for kids, browsing certain allowed websites and strict Bing SafeSearch with kids mode. You can learn how to enable and use Kids Mode on Microsoft Edge from our affiliate link. PakEarn007

7. Disable copying and pasting URLs:

you’re still not alone if you’ve recently switched to Edge and are annoyed by its new stomp and paste media. Fortunately, you can switch back to the usual duplicate/paste URL from Settings. Go to Settings and Share, tap and paste and choose Plain Textbook. Microsoft Edge uses “Link” as the exit setting. Check out our write-up on how to disable dupe and insert a URL point in Edge for step-by-step instructions. PakEarn007

8. Immersive Reading Mode with Read Aloud:

however, you can use Edge’s immersive reading mode if you want a distraction-free experience when reading web runners. Use the immersive anthology button in the address bar or use the F9 key to enter reading mode. Immersive edge reading mode. Once you’re in anthology mode, you can set Edge to read the runner aloud for you. To do this, click on the “Read Aloud” button from the list of options at the top. This is one of the Edge tips and tricks that I regularly use when hearing long papers during dinner or a work break. PakEarn007

9. Try Caret Browsing:

still, you’ll be glad to know that Microsoft Edge has this point built in—if you’re looking for a way to use canopy browsing mode. To activate canopy browsing mode, just press F7. It places the cursor on your cyber surfer and allows you to select large blobs of textbook. PakEarn007

10. Use the Web Capture Tool:

You can hack it from the three spot menu or use the keyboard roadway. You can also draw over the screenshot in the prisoner tool before saving it to your computer.For more tricks follow up this website Thanks to view this post I will be come soon with another post. BestApp752